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in WordPress Plugin on October 22, 2020

Turning on the WordPress comment feature can attract a lot of spam comments, and most business websites don’t need the comment feature, so we need to disable it completely.

While we can turn off the comment feature for new posts in Settings – Discussion, these aren’t quite complete and you’ll still see comment-related content and menus in many places. If you want to completely remove the commenting feature and the content associated with it, you can use the Disable Comments plugin.

Introducing Disable Comments
The Disable Comments plugin allows administrators to globally disable comments on any post type (post, page, attachment, etc.) so that these settings cannot be overridden by a single post. It will also remove all fields associated with comments from the Edit and Quick Edit screens. In a multisite installation, you can use it to disable comments across the network.

In addition, items related to comments can be removed from the dashboard, widgets, admin menu and admin bar.

The Disable Comments plugin provides the option to completely disable the commenting feature in WordPress. After selecting this option, the following changes will be made.

All “comments” links are hidden from the admin menu and admin bar.
All comment-related sections (“Recent Comments”, “Discussions”, etc.) are hidden from the WordPress dashboard.
All comment-related widgets are disabled (so your theme cannot use them).
(a) The “Discussion” settings page is hidden.
All comments RSS / Atom feeds are disabled (requests to them will be redirected to the parent post).
The X-Pingback HTTP header has been removed from all pages.
The outgoing pingback is disabled.
Delete comments by type.

Disable Comments

Important note.
If you don’t want to comment on your site (or certain post types) at all, use this plugin. If you want to selectively disable comments on individual posts, do not use it – WordPress will still enable you to do so.

Before disabling comments, please delete all existing comments on your site, otherwise (depending on your theme) they may still be displayed to visitors. You can delete all existing comments on your site by using the “Delete Comments” tool.

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