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in WordPress Plugin on October 28, 2020

When it comes to the WordPress media library, there are always some friends who talk about it, when there are too many images, it’s really messy, is there any way to categorize the files in the media library ah? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. It’s up to you to test it yourself.

WordPress Real Media Library

Seemingly the first related plugin, WordPress Real Media Library helps you with media management. Organize thousands of uploaded files into folders, favorites, and galleries. A real file manager that allows you to manage a large number of files in WordPress, such as images, videos or documents.

Complete file and folder manager: create, rename, move and delete folders!
Drag and drop files into folders: drag and drop images and move them into folders where you can find other files
Create a shortcut to a file: hold down the SHIFT key and move the file to another folder by dragging and dropping to create the shortcut
Filtering in the Insert Media dialog box: in the WordPress Insert Media dialog box, you will find the folder for filtering files on the left side
Customize image order: move files by dragging and dropping them each time to change their order or use certain ordering features, such as sorting all files in the current folder in ascending order by title
Works well in list mode too: the WordPress Real Media Library and the WordPress Media Library in list mode
Advanced upload management: When uploading a file, a modal will appear showing the current status, time left to upload and upload speed.
Upload files directly to folders: In the WordPress Media Upload dialog, you choose in which folder you want to upload your files.
Creating a gallery from a folder: using an image from a gallery folder to create a gallery in the Gutenberg Editor

The free version of WordPress Real Media Library allows you to create up to 10 folders, but if you need to create more folders, consider purchasing the paid version.


FileBird is a powerful plugin that can be used as a WordPress Media Library folder creator and dashboard file manager.

The technology behind the plugin is to create virtual folders to contain your WordPress media library and set up taxonomies, while keeping all files intact.

With FileBird, you can properly arrange all your media files, organize them properly, and manage your WordPress media library professionally.

Friendly User Interface
Drag and drop to upload/move the files to the folder. Drag and drop to rearrange the folders.
Smart Context Menu
Right-click the mouse to quickly create, rename or delete folders as you would a computer.
One tool
The toolbar to the left of Full Control in the column allows you to control all folders/files. You can create, rearrange, rename or delete folders.
Unlimited Folders/Subfolders (PRO)
You can create unlimited folders/subfolders for all media files. The lite version supports 10 folders/subfolders.
Many file types supported
As a WordPress default setting, you can only upload the most commonly used file types. With this plugin, you can manually manage most of the allowed file types.

FileBird Free Download:
FileBird paid version purchase:


Went to check it out, and it’s a very good one.HappyFiles is a new plugin released in early 2020, and the functionality is pretty much the same, and the installs are not as high as the ones above, but all of them are 5-star rated. So it’s also a good choice.

Organize your entire media library by dragging and dropping nestable categories. Organize thousands of files like you would on your computer.
Create, rename, delete and nest your favorite categories.
Drag and drop files (images, audio, video, etc.) individually or in bulk into any category/subcategory, or move files between categories.
Reorder media categories by dragging and dropping.
Instant instant refresh when navigating between categories and when adding, renaming and deleting categories or files.
Select any category to upload files directly to it.
Create, rename and delete custom context menus for any media category with one click.
Right-click on any file (grid and list view) to check all assigned categories, then click on any category to quickly navigate to that file.
Assign the file to multiple categories (enabled under Settings > HappyFiles Settings > Assign multiple categories).
HappyFiles displays a custom upload progress bar.
Sort the categories alphabetically (ascending and descending order).

The free version of HappyFiles also allows you to create only 10 category folders. If you want to create more categories, you need to buy the Pro version (cost $25, $19 for a limited time, one-time payment, no limit on the number of sites).

Download HappyFiles free version:
FileBird paid version purchase:

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