How to make money with your blog when traffic is low

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How do you make money on the Internet when you have few visitors to your blog?

The first good news is that you don’t have to have a popular blog to make money online. Yes, you don’t need to have 1,000 visitors per day to generate $5,000 per month. In fact, it’s more about the strategy than the traffic.

The second good news is that I’m going to reveal to you some steps that will allow you to make money on the Internet even if you don’t have many visitors.

But if you’ve never installed WordPress before, learn how to install a WordPress blog in 7 steps and how to search, install and activate WordPress themes on your blog.

So let’s get back to what we came here for: how to make money on the Internet when you have very few visitors on your blog.

The first thing to know is that a blog relies first and foremost on its optimization. Regardless of what products you sell or what affiliate products you recommend, know that without proper optimization of your blog, you simply can’t generate online income.

With that being said, let’s start with this point.

Step 1: Optimize your blog

This is really where it all begins. The design of the blog has to be based on the desired action of the visitor. In other words, you have to design your blog according to what you want to achieve.

Better optimization of your blog will allow you to increase your conversion rate. And that’s what we’re talking about here: conversions.

Okay, but conversions for what?

In fact, when you created your blog, you did so for a very specific reason. However, the people who visit your blog do not have the same reasons as you do. What they want to achieve by reading your content is usually different from what you want to achieve with your blog.

So you have to let them achieve their goals (find a solution to the problem they want to solve) and then invite them to take action so that you can achieve yours.

But in order to convert effectively, you need to optimize.
That’s the difference between creating a blog and designing a blog.

With simple video tutorials, you can create your blog. But to design it, you also need to focus on what you want to achieve with it.

In one sentence, I would like to say that creating a beautiful blog is technical, while designing a blog is strategic. And without a sound strategy, you’re not going to get anywhere.

I’ll come back to blog design another day. In the meantime, here are some key points to consider when optimizing your blog.

1. Simple Design

He’s the one who makes the famous “first impression” on your visitors. A bad design or too amateurish design can discredit your blog and complicate your process. Therefore, you should have a theme that is simple, beautiful and functional.

On your blog, showcase only the essentials. Avoid clutter and superfluous stuff.

2) Quality of Content

By quality, I am referring to the effectiveness of the solution (or advice) you provide, and the way you present it (the content).

A quality article is an article that is relevant, useful, and incites a person to take a precise action. You publish content that not only provides the reader with a solution, but also encourages him or her to take specific action to solve a problem.

As I always say on this blog, you need to write to educate. People like to be told what to do.

It’s not enough to just write about it in your article, you also need to present it in a way that makes it easier to understand the message you’re trying to convey. So present your essay well.

3. the time required to load your blog

A slow loading blog affects the user experience. Google and other search engines hate blogs that take a long time to load. And it’s not just them, web users hate these blogs as well.

Slow blogs will always hurt their citation rate on search engines. Worse, they will send you most of your visitors who will leave your site before it finishes loading.

4. call to action

Optimizing a blog is designing it in such a way that visitors take one or more desired actions. But in order for visitors to take an action, you need to invite them to do so.

And it is this invitation that is known as a “call to action”. A call to action on your blog can take the form of a banner ad, a hypertext link, a pop-up ad, an ad at the bottom of a post, etc.

Whichever format you choose, make sure you clearly tell (or show) your readers what you want them to do when they finish reading.

Here are the points I’ve chosen to give you about optimization. You will have more details by reading the recommended article above.

Unfortunately, optimizing your blog alone won’t make you money on the internet. To earn it, you must have something to sell directly, or through affiliate marketing.

In this article, we’ll only discuss the first option.

Step 2: Build a good product

Create two versions of the product. A full version and an excerpt. The excerpt here is the version that you will offer to your readers for free in exchange for an email address, while the full version is the version that you will sell on your blog.

Here are the different types of products you can create.

Training (video-audio)
No matter what type of product you choose, make sure it’s practical. Don’t create a digital product because you want to have something to sell, create it because you want to educate people and teach them something specific in a way that will give them better results in a shorter period of time. The value of your product will increase your chances of making a sale.

Step 3: Create a Target Prospect List

Create and publish an email address capture form on your blog. A form that you will place in your sidebar, as well as at the end of each post. These forms will allow you to provide an excerpt from your book in exchange for an email address.

This list of potential customers will be very useful when you launch your product …… Not only that. It will also allow you to increase traffic to your website and citations on search engines.

See also our tutorial. How to Create a Call to Action Button that Converts

Don’t wait until launch day to reach out to your readers. To make sure they don’t forget about you in the meantime, send them useful information from time to time.

Otherwise, they may ask you two questions that don’t necessarily bode well: Who are you? How did you get my address?

Instead of reminding them who you are every time, keep your list up to date. For example, send them the latest articles published on your blog.

Once your email address collection process is set up, you need to move on to the next step…

Step 4: Create an Online Store

I highly recommend that you do not sell your products and services on other websites, but on yours. Selling on your own online store will allow you to earn 100% of your sales revenue.

Step 5: Add an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell more products and services in a shorter period of time. So, you want to make more money in less time and with less effort.

Okay, that’s all we have for today. The rest, unfortunately, I can’t write to you. Only time will allow you to get to know her. I just want to give you pointers on how to make a lot of money with a lot less traffic.

Do you have any advice to offer? Feel free to share.

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