2.24 reCaptcha pour WooCommerce

Security is the most important issue for any website or ecommerce store these days. Because of the automation tools and bots, your website is not working at its best. There are many automated tools that can make your website a spam. Therefore, any website or e-commerce site must have a CAPTCHA to prevent automated bots.Google Recaptcha “I am not a bot” provides the best protection by involving human interaction to resolve CAPTCHAs. The ability to investigate and identify get by robots from people, reCAPTCHA shields mechanized programming from hurting your website. Although, legitimate customers can experience this shielding in any case.

reCaptcha for WooCommerce is the best solution for WooCommerce as well as WordPress with all-in-one CAPTCHA. There are simple settings that provide the on/off captcha at the desired place. The best thing is that this plugin is highly built on WooCommerce as well as WordPress standards, so it can’t break your site in any way.

Support both reCaptcha V2 (checkbox) and reCaptcha V3
Protection from spam
Protection from unauthorized login attempts
Stop fake registrations
Stop fake guest orders
Low friction, effortless interaction for users
Easy for customers, Hard for bots
Enable it to required places only

login reCaptcha
registration reCaptcha
Lost password reCaptcha
Guest checkout reCaptcha
Login user checkout reCaptcha
Add payment method reCaptcha
WooCommerce pay for order captcha
WP-Login reCaptcha
WP-Register reCaptcha
WP-Lost password reCaptcha
Custom label for reCaptcha
Custom error messages
Recaptcha dark/light theme
Captcha full/compact mode
Auto-detect user language
Disable submit button until captcha checked
Reset captcha on order postback error

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