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Industry studies have proven that online credit card payments increase sales by 23%, as customers have easier access to products and services.
YITH WooCommerce Stripe offers the possibility to make all this easier and faster in your own e-commerce, eliminating the need for you to do it from the back end, while ensuring your reliability on the web.

All the largest and reliable e-commerce sites allow credit card payments, so they allow integration within their own site, rather than referencing another external site.
Some store owners do avoid the hassle of credit card integration because processing may be more difficult, but as a result they lose reliability. yITH WooCommerce Stripe integrates credit card payments for you and the circuits it offers.

Furthermore, allowing the use of different payment methods in addition to the standard ones offered by WooCommerce has many advantages for your business activities. Making payments an automated process increases productivity because you don’t have to spend time devoting time to other aspects of your work and makes things faster, which is really appreciated by users.

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