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What the plug-in does
Let your users save time by logging in or registering through one of their social profiles.
How you can benefit.
Users can easily and quickly log in on your e-commerce without having to fill out forms and insert personal data.
You’ll speed up the purchase and checkout process, increase conversion rates, and reduce pending orders and abandoned carts (23% of users abandon their cart when they need to register or log in by manually inserting their personal data).

Sign in with your social profiles: a simple yet powerful sales tool.

Studies of online consumers report extremely important data: more than 77% of consumers prefer to use social logins when using ecommerce sites for two main reasons: security and data correctness. This undoubtedly leads to higher conversion rates, which in turn leads to more sales.

There are reasons behind why customers prefer social login over having to fill out a new registration form every time they visit a website. First and foremost is security: social logins allow them to not hand over their usernames and passwords to potentially insecure websites. Not to mention the time it takes to keep them all in mind and the time it takes to fill out a for form for each site.

The second main reason relates to the personalization of data, while social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are more accurate.
Customers, annoyed by inappropriate targets, are pleasantly surprised when they settle for an offer close to their tastes and needs, which happens more frequently when you are constantly updated by accessing you via social media.
All of this makes your potential customers feel safer and better inclined to buy from your online store.

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