2.0.9 YITH WooCommerce Recovered Abandoned Cart Premium

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What the plug-in does
Contact users who added products to their cart without completing their order and try to recover them.
How you can benefit from this.
You will be able to recover many unfinished purchases by sending emails with coupons to users who have not completed their orders to encourage them to buy.
You will be able to define how many emails will be sent and a specific span of time (day after day, week after week, etc.) and customize their content.
You will have advanced control over reporting on abandoned shopping carts, visits to the site from which the emails were sent and recovered shopping carts.

Recent studies have shown that approximately $4 trillion worth of goods are abandoned in shopping carts by e-commerce users each year. Interestingly, over 60% of these shopping carts can be recovered and converted into purchases.YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart does just that: it helps you convert these abandoned carts into purchase orders.

Users abandon carts for a variety of reasons: no immediate capital, or perhaps a sudden distraction that makes you forget what you’re doing. Fortunately, YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart can remind your customers what they left behind and encourage them to complete the buying process by sending them coupons and offering special discounts on the products they want.

Choose to recover all users’ orders and carts, or only those with specific user roles.
With dedicated options, you can choose to restore all users’ orders and carts so that emails are sent automatically, or only those with specific user roles.

Saving and restoring guest users’ shopping carts
By enabling the “Restore Guest User’s Cart” option, when a user fills out the checkout field but does not complete the order, the inserted contact information will be saved and used to automatically send an email to restore the order. For complete transparency, you can also choose to display a checkbox that asks users to consent to the use of their personal data to send promotional emails only to users who check this option.

Select how many minutes after which the cart must be considered abandoned, and how much time interval has elapsed to automatically send an email to recover the cart.
At the heart of the plugin is the configuration of the automatic mechanism: how many minutes after the selection the cart must be considered abandoned, and how many intervals (one hour, 24 hours, three days, etc.) after which an automatic email is scheduled to be sent. After defining these rules, the plugin silently keeps working to restore the cart, otherwise it will not be able to recover the loss.

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