1.4.4 YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown Premium

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What the plug-in does
Increase sales by counting down the time remaining on an offer, showing the time remaining on an offer or the number of units available for a particular product.
How you can benefit from this.
You will use the principle of scarcity to increase conversions by encouraging customers to buy certain products immediately and only in limited quantities.
You’ll rely on urgency strategies to boost your sales by creating custom offers that are only available for a certain time span.

Bet on the principles of urgency and scarcity with a simple but very powerful plugin.
“Utilize the principles of urgency and scarcity on your website and you’ll see a dramatic increase in conversions.” This is one of the most common phrases that comes up when talking about marketing strategies on the web, but it couldn’t be more true. If users realize that they have a limited amount of time to make a decision, or that there are only a limited number of products they are interested in, they will decide to buy faster and quicker. That’s exactly what countdown timers do.
Using countdown timers for your products will help you increase your purchases exponentially. With the YITH WooCommerce Product Countdown feature, you can display a specific countdown for each of your products and trigger the exact same effect as a last minute offer.
Then, if you add the effect of the scarcity principle, you can display the number of remaining products and update them in real time, and that’s done: interested users become real customers who rush to buy because they’ll likely never find the products they’re interested in again.

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