1.4.3 YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Premium

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What the plug-in does
Create special offers in your store to combine products with discounts and specials.
How you can benefit from this.
You will be able to increase your e-commerce conversion rates by using bundle-based marketing strategies that offer different products at discounted prices.
You will be able to increase the average order value by creating targeted picks (by grouping products or related items that are frequently purchased together) and encouraging users to purchase them in a single transaction.
You’ll benefit from a powerful up-sell strategy that encourages users to buy related items alongside the products they’re interested in.

Combine products together and offer them to your customers at special discounts to sell more products.
The “bundling” technique is one of the smartest strategies to increase portfolio sales and support your customers to come back and find new deals.

Think about what customers are looking for on your website, what they buy, and what they want to buy. For example, if you sell cameras, most of the users who buy them will likely also need a memory card or a rechargeable battery pack.

How can you encourage the purchase of these products on your website, increase sales of related products, and build a strong upsell strategy? The Ease WooCommerce product bundle system allows you to create special bundles and manage discounts on the final sale price.

Add products to the bundle and customize how they appear.
You can add an unlimited number of products to the bundle and choose whether to show or hide the products, their names and descriptions. For each product, you can use the default information or add a custom description.

Add product variations and allow users to select colors, sizes, and more before adding the bundle to the cart.
You can also add variable products to your bundle so that users can select the right options before purchasing.

Set the product to “Optional” and allow the user to select the option to add it to the bundle.
Optional products will appear in the bundle as checkboxes so that the user can choose to purchase or exclude them.

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