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What the plug-in does
Keep your customers loyal with an effective points-based loyalty program and instant rewards.
How you can benefit from it.
Retain customers: with points, you can increase customer retention, loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases to earn points for redemption.
Build relationships: the collection of points psychologically rewards customers and nourishes a long-term relationship between customer and store.
Increase conversions: point systems drive customers to make more purchases and reach their goals in order to collect points (47% of buyers complete point collections to earn discount coupons or free products).
Make your customers happier: earning points, rewards and discounts makes customers happier, which is an important factor in business growth.

Stay loyal to your customers with a points-based loyalty program and instant rewards.
Collecting points is a very powerful tool to keep customers engaged and loyal, allowing them to save money or earn rewards or gifts when they reach a specific point threshold.

In the landscape of marketing strategies, a collector program is a milestone in a loyalty campaign. With YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you encourage users to sign up to your store to earn points, as well as assign points based on every purchase they make, specific spending thresholds, birthdays, every review they post about your products, and more.

Points are automatically redeemed via discount coupons applied to the user’s shopping cart. Easy to set up and manage, our plugin is the ultimate solution for building a strong loyalty program for your customers in minutes.

Configure global rules for points and set different rules by specific products or categories.
Create a global rule to define the points assigned based on product value, and assign different points to specific products or categories if needed (for example, you could assign higher points only to purchase product X, and not assign points at all to products that belong to category Y).

Enable points for all users, or only for those users who are registered for a specific role.
Choose whether to enable all users who shop at your store to earn points, or only those who are registered for a specific role.

Assign additional points based on the achievement of certain goals or certain conditions, such as users’
The user is rewarded by assigning additional points when they reach their goal (after 100 orders, after spending a total of 1000 Euros, after gaining 500 points) or under certain conditions (e.g. 10 points on their birthday, 5 points for each comment posted, etc.).

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