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How you can benefit from this.
You can set the type of checkout that users prefer: Many A/B split tests have proven that online buyers prefer a clean view at the end of the checkout process and don’t need to fill in too many fields on the same page.

You can significantly reduce the percentage of abandoned carts due to long checkout pages with too many fields to fill out.

You can reduce the number of steps and the cognitive effort required of your users by consolidating several steps of the checkout process into one (billing and shipping, order information, and payment).

Avoid overwhelming customers and reduce cart abandonment by making your checkout simple and neat.
A/B split testing of checkout pages (analyzing to find out which checkout structure works better on an e-commerce site) shows that a multi-step layout is the best option for a better user experience during the purchase process.

The multi-step structure helps customers feel more comfortable during the payment process because they understand which step they are in.

During the checkout process, customers typically need to add a lot of detail to the same page, which can be a long and confusing process. One word: overwhelming.

The multi-step checkout helps sort the data and break it up into different sections that are displayed one after the other: it’s much clearer from the customer’s perspective. It reduces the possibility of messing up information or making mistakes when filling out forms. Shopping cart abandonment and other common problems with websites with complex checkouts are greatly reduced.

Choose your multi-step checkout timeline from 10 different layouts.
You can choose from 10 different timeline layouts, 4 of which are vertical styles and 4 of which are horizontal styles. Set the layout that best suits your ecommerce site and the layout that presents to mobile users.

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