1.4.12 YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium

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What the plug-in does
Activate some parts of your e-commerce to restrict access to create memberships in your store.
How you can benefit from it.
You will use the membership as a business tool: the most effective solution if you want to sell video courses, lessons, consultations.
You will create specific areas on your website and restrict access only to those customers who have purchased a membership.

A simple and powerful way to manage your memberships.
Selling products with dedicated access is a great opportunity to increase your revenue: big companies like Udemy or Treehouse have proven this by achieving a large volume of sales with this business model. Their revenue intends to grow considering the number of people looking for their products.

In a completely automated way, you can provide your users with restricted and exclusive access to customized information such as a course, a study plan, a series of ebooks, and even premium services.

Imagine having a class of students enrolled in one of your courses, with each lesson displayed exactly at the time you planned, with no errors and with complete respect for your lesson plan. Imagine distributing resources and products to your customers, managing payments and content distribution independently. Ease WooCommerce membership allows you to do all this and more.

Managing courses, services, private access to valuable membership programs, sending messages to your customers, scheduling the publishing of exclusive content for them: all these actions can be achieved with the Isis WooCommerce Membership, a plugin designed and engineered to remove any difficulty in managing for those who buy reserved products.

The membership is nice and ready-made: you just need to create the products in your store and the software does the rest, leaving you free to manage your time. The plugin works for pages, articles, WooCommerce files and products, videos and more. The restricted area is easy to use and will allow you to protect your work and make it accessible only to those who pay for it.

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    September 22, 2021

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