1.8.2 YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Premium

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What the plug-in does
Add sales display a section to suggest items that are usually purchased along with the products your customers view.
How you can benefit from this.
You will be able to use social proof strategies to encourage users to buy products that other customers typically buy, thus increasing the average value of orders.
You will be able to use the plugin to recommend relevant products that can be of interest to your customers, thus increasing your ecommerce conversion rate. (For example, an e-commerce merchant recommending a memory card to a user who buys a camera can increase their monthly turnover by 12%)

The right strategy to increase sales
Many statistics carried out on most of the popular retailers have proven that with the right sales strategies, sales are greatly increased, showing even numbers but really a great sales success. Recommending products that users commonly buy together is one of the most effective of these marketing strategies.

The right cross-selling strategy is vital in your store as it has a huge impact on conversions.
Products that are recommended as “commonly bought together” are actually more appealing, and the customers who see them may already be interested in them. This results in a really high conversion rate.

The YITH WooCommerce Buy Together Often plugin is a great way to implement this feature in your website. You can showcase your products to a highly specific and selected target.

Clearly designed to allow you to present your suggestions in the most direct way possible, a well-crafted suggestion has a double advantage for both the store owner and the customer. Your suggestion may save them a lot of time and grant you a highly targeted advertisement, which is always one of the most effective.

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