1.7.0 YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium

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What the plug-in does
Increase conversions with dynamic discounts and pricing rules, and build strong targeted offers.
How you can benefit from this.
You’ll be able to create targeted offers based on quantity purchased or products added to cart, etc.
You will be able to increase the average value of your orders through volume discounts and offers.
You will be able to enable offers only for certain users or under certain conditions (for a specific number of products in the cart, after a user has placed a specific number of orders, etc.).

Make your store dynamic and make your customers more loyal with special promotions.
Create temporary promotions in order to attract the attention of customers and in the course of time loyal to them: the only plug-in that gives dynamism to your e-commerce and allows you to increase the number of visits – and therefore sales – using the basic principles of marketing. Discounts, special offers, promotions, bonuses, free products: with just a few clicks you will make your store a necessary step for whoever is looking for your products.

Imagine walking down a street in the center of your city, surrounded by any type of store. Which shop windows would catch your attention? The answer is simple: those that offer special promotions and discounts to encourage people to come in, rather than simply showcasing existing products.
Colorful posters that offer end-of-season sales, buy two, get three free, or everything for $10 until the end of the week: these are just some of the most common business campaign tricks we always see when we’re out for a walk.

And on the web – where the competition is more fierce, we know – what can you do to get the attention of your potential customers, or to keep those who already know about your e-commerce loyal? How can you make your store more dynamic and interesting to those who “walk” up to your virtual store window? Dynamic pricing and discounts with WooCommerce by Wings WooCommerce makes your store dynamic, you can edit prices dynamically based on cart value, quantity or specific products, create special offers and avoid creating coupons and sending them to your users.

Think about giving away a product to anyone who purchases a few selected items, or activating a promotion just for a small niche, or discounting all the products in your end of season sale with just one click.
These are just a few marketing actions that you will be able to take to encourage your visitors to buy.
There are no limits, but your own imagination: with just one plugin you will be able to design an online store that customers will want to come back to for news and interesting discounts. More visits, more sales: this will be the secret to your e-commerce success.

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