2.1.28 YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date Premium

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What the plug-in does
Allow your customers to choose specific delivery dates for the products they buy.
How you benefit.
You will provide your customers with a beneficial buying process tailored to their needs by allowing them to set a temporary delivery date and time.
You’ll increase the number of orders for products that your users will need to receive later due to travel, vacation, etc., to prevent them from delaying their purchase.

Get your customers to buy now: you can’t be sure they’ll be able to buy in the future!
The best time to sell your products is now! Many customers don’t buy the items they want because they’re not at home, they’re often at work and don’t want to receive the item at that particular moment, so they postpone their purchase and end up not buying it again.

This means that your sales are greatly reduced! Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Delivery Dates, you will be able to go back to this large share of your customers and let them choose when they receive the object they purchased, which day, which time and which delivery to use, while the vendor is free to create a calendar that shows the number of days available and create a minimal time frame they can use to handle shipping.

This plugin is ideal for recovering your lost customers and creating specialized services, such as home delivery of gifts and products.

One of the most common problems with shipping items purchased online is the inability to manage when the item will be shipped. The only way to avoid this is to delay your purchase and wait, often forgetting about it or losing interest in the product altogether.

YITH WooCommerce delivery dates are specifically designed to redeem these customers and provide your store with a number of additional features that allow you to handle shipping issues effectively.

Customers can now choose when they will receive the products they have purchased, later edit the delivery date and decide which courier company to use, and get a clear idea of the estimated number of days until they receive the product.
Administrators have access to a range of valuable features designed specifically for your shipping and delivery service, such as the ability to set a minimum time to cover any required lead time and edit the shipping date chosen by the customer (who will receive a notification email notifying them of the change).

YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date is a plug-in that can transform the way you handle your vendor and customer relationships, helping you to build an efficient shipping and delivery system that will increase your sales.

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