3.0.2 YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Premium

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What the plug-in does
You will be able to customize the My Account page by inserting the information you need.

How you benefit from this.
You will fully manage the information displayed to customers on the My Account page.

You will be able to create tailored promotions and display them to users in the most viewed areas to encourage them to place new orders.

You will be able to display information based on user roles and manage it into different sections and menus, making the My Account dashboard more useful.

Immediately improve the satisfaction of your users by categorizing all important information wisely.
It’s well known: a usable website is one that is easy and quick for users to navigate and interact with. However, our users find the navigation of our website uncomfortable and frustrating, managing all those infinite menus to find important information such as their wish lists, important guides, and even invoices and downloadable documents.

The most obvious thing to do would have been to categorize the most important information on the page and provide a better experience for the user. It’s just a shame that this can’t be done in any store.

The best place to start is really WooCommerce’s “My Account” page. Complete control over what the user can see or download, and the ability to customize the information to encourage them to complete their next purchase.

The Wise WooCommerce Custom My Account page gives you perfect control over WooCommerce’s My Account page. You are free to add and manage the most appropriate information, sorting it with tags or menus. Adding and removing sections will be a child’s play.

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