1.2.6 YITH WooCommerce Customer History Premium

Collect specific information about the pages your customers have visited and increase their chances of buying again.
Numbers are very important in business!

That’s why behind every major store you’ll find professionals examining all kinds of data.
Their goal is to find workable solutions aimed at optimizing overall revenue.

Almost 100% of eCommerce stores use analytics to understand customer behavior, but none of these tools are doubling down on the data from your best customer, John Doe.

And you need to know what John Doe does, not just any customer who happens to visit your site.

Do you want to know what Mr. John Doe does when he visits your store page?

You’d be surprised how many times he looks at very specific products without making a purchase.

Of course, it’s easy to contact him and offer him targeted discounts. A customized offer on a specific product will turn into a new purchase almost immediately.

So here is your chance, we have just developed YITH WooCommerce Customer History, a plugin that allows you to see which pages each customer actually visited while browsing your store.

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