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Increase your conversion rate with centralized and customized information on your shopping cart and checkout page.
How you can benefit from this.
You will be able to increase your sales by notifying users about promotions and special offers during the checkout process.
You’ll be able to increase your average order value by notifying users of the amount they spend to receive discounts or free shipping.

Increase your e-commerce purchases by sending focused messages to your customers.
Imagine being able to get your customers to buy a relevant product in their cart, or spend more to take advantage of a specific deal or free shipping: for most online transactions, you only need a small incentive to increase your ecommerce purchases and loyalty to a new customer.

A very common mistake is to offer discounts or promotions that customers can’t see, making the whole process pointless. WooCommerce Cart Messages by WingSense solves this problem and gives you the opportunity to see the message as soon as the customer enters the cart page.

A single plugin, but with endless possibilities to increase your ecommerce purchases.
These are just some of the possibilities that can be achieved with One Think WOO Cart Messages: imagine that you can automatically monitor your users’ shopping carts and suggest them to buy relevant promotional products.

Imagine informing them that, reaching a minimum amount, they can take advantage of a specific discount or, for example, free shipping. What if you could also apply the principle of urgency to push your customers to buy immediately to benefit from a promotion that’s about to end?

These are just a few possible examples of what our plugin can do for you, but the result is always the same: customers will be encouraged to buy more, buy as soon as possible, and return to your site to continue buying.
How exactly does this work?

Studies show that of the 80% of customers who abandon their cart before completing a purchase, almost half do so after finding themselves facing unexpected costs (such as shipping), which is why it’s so important to offer free shipping once a certain purchase value has been reached and inform customers directly on their cart page.

Reduce your lost cart rate
Increase the average value per purchase
Keep your customers loyal
But that’s just one of the possible uses for this plugin: to free up your imagination and increase your sales!

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