1.4.12 YITH WooCommerce Badge Management Premium

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What the plug-in does
Insert graphic badges on your products to highlight discounts, promotions and more.
How you benefit from this.
You will increase your eCommerce conversions and add more value to the products you sell (studies have proven that badges can increase conversions by 55%).
You’ll be able to clearly display the percentage of discounts and actual savings users are getting from buying discounted products.
You’ll be able to create and set up custom badges to suit your needs and your e-commerce style.

Use badges to make your products stand out and increase your store’s sales.
Studies on eCommerce sites have proven that using badges on products can increase conversion rates by 55%. Badge management from Eisense WooCommerce provides you with badges and the ability to manage your store’s products.

Think about it: in your own experience, how fun are those “50% off” or “Deal!” badges on your products? Without these badges, you wouldn’t even know about these offers, and the same thing can happen to your customers: the badge system can highlight an offer, a new product or a product that’s about to go out of stock.

It all goes towards the same goal: to increase your store’s sales.

There are many ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rate. Among them is what’s called product badging. Making the most of your products using graphic badges can help you increase sales by up to 55%.

This is the easiest way to draw your customers’ attention to popular products, featured products, or the products you most want to promote.

The plugin allows you to customize the text, colors, and placement of your badges and gives you a range of graphical badges with innovative designs. But not only that, you can manage and almost automate the badges for your store and at the same time manage the badges individually for your favorite products.

By doing this, the plugin will give you full freedom in what to promote within your store and how to do it: in addition to being able to customize the appearance of the badges, you can also apply them to several types of products, from those that are on sale to those that are unavailable.
This visual plugin will highlight these products in your catalog, providing you with a powerful marketing tool that you can use to direct your customers to specific purchases.

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