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What the plug-in does
Dealing with different shipping costs for your store’s individual items, for example you can set different fees for each state, region or city.
How you can benefit from this.
You can increase your sales profits because you will no longer be responsible for additional shipping costs.
You can also manage product variations, as well as shipping per product region, city and state.
You can let your customers know the exact shipping costs thanks to the summary on the product.

Easily handle shipping costs for each product in less than 3 minutes.
Selling products around the world means having to deal with different shipping costs for each country, state, or specific region by zip code.

Fortunately, this is easily solved by using the native WooCommerce option, but not so easily if you need to edit shipping costs for each individual product.WooCommerce doesn’t allow this.

What if you need to sell products that require different shipping costs?

Imagine selling a product that may require higher or lower shipping costs depending on where in the world it needs to be shipped.

WooCommerce will not be able to help with this unless there is a lot of editing in the code, which would be expensive.

Many people have asked for this, we listened and we created YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce, a WooCommerce plugin that makes shipping management easy and provides the opportunity to set different shipping rates for each product, region, state or city, including product variations!

To further ensure transparency in your buying process, we’ve also provided a simple summary on the cart page so your customers won’t have any doubts or fears about shipping costs.

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