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What the plug-in does
The best way to leverage the principle of marketing scarcity by enabling a product pre-sales system.

How you can benefit from it.
You’ll benefit from the scarcity principle and use the plugin as a marketing tool to trigger your users’ desire to acquire your product.

You will quickly increase your revenue by making a compelling offer to those who buy pre-ordered products.

You will generate sales also for unavailable products by preventing users from searching and buying them on different sites (like Amazon).

Your customers want to be able to buy your product before it goes on sale: let them do so! Do you want your product to be a hit?
Do you want your product to become popular and sell in large quantities? Use an efficient presale system in your store!

Whenever a product or service is about to go on sale, your customers create a sense of anticipation that makes them more likely to make a purchase. Unfortunately, this unconscious process is rarely used correctly, and once a new product finally hits the market, many customers have already lost interest in it.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce’s presale system, you can immediately see an increase in sales of your new or temporarily unavailable products, offering your customers the opportunity to purchase the product they’re seeking and receive it only after it’s officially available.

Many large companies use presale systems to increase their sales and build hype around specific products.
Just like Apple! So, why not start using this successful marketing system on your website right away? To provide this opportunity, we have created YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order, a plugin that will allow you to easily integrate a simple pre-order feature in your eCommerce store.

This will allow you to create pre-order ready products and put them on sale before they’re released, creating an automated email system that will notify your customers once the items are officially released and on sale.
The ability to also offer discounts to those customers who choose to buy while the product is still in pre-order status will make this strategy even more effective and will increase your conversion rate. This plugin works perfectly with variable products and allows credit card payments due to its compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Stripe.

Offer your products now, including those that aren’t yet available, and remember: every day you spend without enabling purchases is a full day of lost sales!

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