1.4.4 YITH Auctions for WooCommerce Premium

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What the plug-in does
The easiest way to implement an eBay-like auction system on your store.
How you can benefit from it.

You’ll benefit from an effective business model that catches the eye of customers who typically participate in auctions to obtain products at favorable prices.

You will be selling unique and exquisite products without reducing the market value of your products, and you will increase your profit margins by setting minimum starting bids.

You will use the principles of scarcity and competition to offer a special product, such as a custom or out-of-stock item, that customers will consider unmissable.

Managing online auctions to sell products: a business model that users can’t resist.
Do you know what online auctions are?

I’ll bet you know that you’ve probably considered selling products on eBay. eBay is the number one network in this field, building an empire on such sales and getting millions of people used to buying online through their bids and participating in a kind of buying contest.

Users interested in auctions are impressed by the opportunity to get items at low prices and are motivated to bid, and in most cases, once they do, it becomes an immediate price increase.

Auctions are simple: anyone can bid on a particular item, and if no other bidder exceeds the previous bid, then they win the item. This allows buyers to grab the product at the best possible price, and allows vendors to generate sometimes larger profits than expected.

With our YITH WooCommerce Auction plugin, not only will you be able to auction your products, but thanks to the integration of our YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor, you will have the opportunity to create a true online auction portal that allows all of your vendors to create their own auctions and allows you to take advantage of every single one of their Earn a share of the sale.

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