7.5.2 Yellow Pencil: Visual CSS Style Editor Nulled

Product DescriptionOverview

YellowPencil is a WordPress CSS style editor plugin that allows you to customize your website design in real time.

The plugin allows you to customize any page and theme without coding. Click on an element and start visual editing. Adjust colors, fonts, size, position and more. Take complete control of your website design with over 60 style attributes.

YellowPencil provides you with everything you need to customize your website design. The plugin comes with advanced features such as visual resizing, drag and drop, measurement tools as well as tons of resources, background patterns, Google Fonts, and trending palettes and it has an advanced responsive tool that allows you to customize your website for any screen size.

Key Features
Customize any page, any element
Customize your WordPress login page
Automatic CSS selector
60+ CSS properties
Visual Drag & Drop
Visual margins and liner editing
Real-time CSS Editor
Real-time preview
Change management
Undo/redo history
Exporting a style sheet file

The plugin provides you with advanced tools and readily available libraries to effortlessly style your website.

Flexible Element Checker
Unit Detector
Responsive Tools
Element Search Tool
measuring tool
wireframe view
Design information tools
gradient generator
Animation Manager
animation generator

One click to many design assets. Customize your website design to your needs!

800+ Google Fonts
300+ background patterns
Unsplash background image
Materials and flat palettes
50+ animations

CSS Properties. Text
Font Family
Font weight
Text Shadows
font size
Line height
Font Style
text alignment
Text Conversion
letter spacing
word spacing
text decoration
text indentation
Word packaging

CSS Properties. Backgrounds
background color
background image
background material
Background blending mode
background position
Background size
Background repetition
Background annex

Compatible with any theme and plugin
This works seamlessly with almost any WordPress theme and plugin. You can use it to edit the pages you create with the page builder.

Compatible with all page builders
This plugin allows you to customize the pages you create using the Gutenberg Block Editor, Elementor, or other page builders. Redesign your website today.

How does it work?
When you visually edit a web page, the plugin generates CSS code in the background just like a professional web developer would.

The plugin doesn’t modify any theme files; instead, it loads the generated CSS code onto the site in a dynamic manner so you can manage changes at any time.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions