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Theme Options Panel – Being at the forefront of WordPress development is something we wanted to do from the very beginning. Because of this, we made sure to avoid a clunky extra admin panel and instead opted to take advantage of a robust, recently rebuilt theme options panel. With this setup, you can preview all the changes you make to your website life without having to switch windows or refresh your browser, in addition to searching for exactly what you need. When you’re happy with your changes, select “Save” and your updates will go live. All of the following can be edited.

Stack Selection (Integrity, Update, Icon or Ethos)
Website layout (full-width or boxed)
Maximum website width (pixels)
Site width (percentage)
Content layout (content left – sidebar right, sidebar left – content right, or full width)
Background colors, patterns, images and image fades.
Numerous stack-specific options
Enable custom fonts and their subsets, if desired.
Logo font, color, size, weight, letter spacing, and select to enable the capitalization style.
Navigation bar link color, link color hover, size, weight, and select to enable the capitalization style.
Title font, color, weight, letter spacing, and select Enable Caps Style.
Font, color, size (base and content area), and weight.
Link Color and Link Color Hover.
Button style (3D, flat or transparent).
Button shape (square, round, or pill).
Button size (mini, small, regular, large, extra large or extra large).
Button font color, background color, and border color (and set values for hover).
Header position (static top, fixed top, fixed left, or fixed right)
Logos and navigation layouts (inline or stacked).
Enable or disable navigation bar search
Navigation bar top height (pixels)
Navigation bar edge width (pixels)
Logo Upload
make the retina ready
The alignment of the navigation bar top and side links (pixels).
Alignment of the top and side links of the navigation bar (pixels).
Alignment of the moving navigation bar buttons (pixel)
Mobile Navigation Bar Button Size (pixels)
The head widget area (one, two, three or four).
Head widget area button color
Button color hover in the head widget area
Enable or disable the top bar
Top bar content for banners, contact information, or secondary navigation (accepts HTML input).
Enable or disable breadcrumbs
Enable or disable the footer area)
Footer widget area (one, two, three or four)
Enable or disable the bottom footer, footer menu, footer social menu, and footer content area.
Bottom Footer Content (accepts HTML input)
Enable or disable the scrolling top anchor, allowing your users to return to the top of your site with a single mouse click.
Update the blog style (standard or masonry)
Update blog layout
Update the archive style (standard or masonry).
Updating the archive layout
Enable or disable post meta
Enable excerpts or full article content on your index page.
Customize the URL slug for your portflio project.
Enable cropped featured images
Enable or disable combo item meta
Custom Combined Tag List Headers
Custom portfolio project name
Customizable item combination button text
Enable or disable social sharing links on your portfolio projects.
Manage and preview your bbPress settings
Update bbPress layout
Enable or disable the bbPress navigation bar menu.
Manage and preview your BuddyPress settings
Update BuddyPress layout
Enable or disable the BuddyPress navigation bar menu.
Customize BuddyPress component titles
Customize BuddyPress component captions (in the applicable stack).
Manage and preview your WooCommerce store
Update store layout
Select Product Category
Posts per page of the store
Easily enable or disable various product tags.
Enable or disable related products and change their appearance (number of posts, columns, etc.).
Enable or disable Upsells and change their appearance (number of posts, columns, etc.).
Enable or disable cross-selling and change their appearance (number of posts, number of columns, etc.).
Adjust the image alignment of the WooCommerce widget
Profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance, Tumblr, and RSS.
Website icons (favicon, touch icons, tile icons, tile icon background color).
Enter custom CSS in the theme customizer
Enter custom JavaScript in the theme customizer
Manage all your widget areas in the Theme Customizer.
And much more!

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