2.4.2 WPMU DEV Appointments Plus

WPMU’s WordPress Appointments Plus Plugin
WordPress Appointments Plus Plugin is the ultimate appointments plugin, feature-rich and intuitive. Integrate with the MarketPress eCommerce plugin to accept payments for your bookings.

WPMU’s WordPress Appointments Plus Plugin: How it works
Time blocks

To set up an appointment, you need to define the duration of the “appointment” (“timebase”). You can also define how many days in advance the appointment can be made.

Business hours

Under “Working hours”, you can define the working hours and breaks for each day of the week.

Holidays / Exceptions

Under “Exceptions”, you can define holidays or other days off for which you do not accept appointments.


Define services, booking capacity, prices.

Service providers

Suppose you are using the WordPress Appointments Plus Plugin to schedule a massage and you have several different professionals available for appointments. Under “Service Providers” you can define your providers, their fees and link the provider to the “Profile Page”.

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