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Do you own a website and are looking for the right plugin that will help you optimize the images on your site? If yes, then WP Smush Pro is the right choice, it is considered as one of the best image optimizer that helps to optimize the images of WordPress website effectively and easily. Optimizing the content of the website seems to be really important as images always make the website heavy and can also negatively affect the loading speed of the website. There are many image optimization plugins on the market, but none of them are as good as WP Smush. Some plugins optimize by lossy compression and also affect the quality of the images. Users often worders if their website really needs an image optimizer or not, then let us tell you that it really is very important that if your website uses more images then it can make your website heavy. So, in this case you obviously need to get an image optimizer which will help you to optimize the performance and speed of your WordPress website by compressing the images of your website.

Don’t neglect the heaviness of the images used on your WordPress website and it will affect the page load speed of your website. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the highly advanced Smush Pro plugin for your website and take the loading speed of your website to a new level. The free version and WP Smush Pro Nulled are also available for this plugin, but this is not a perfect option if you are using it for your business website as it comes with limited features, if you want to get seamless features of Smush Pro then we would recommend you to upgrade to the premium version of the free version which will unlock various features that will positively help you! Optimize your website’s images efficiently and effectively. By installing and activating this revolutionary and advanced plugin for your website, you can bring a proper balance of website aesthetics and SEO scores with this image compressor. To give you a better understanding of this image compressor, we will take you through a brief look at a few of the features of this plugin.

Advanced Features of WP Smush Pro.
Unlimited Batch Smashing

This advanced image compressor comes with an unlimited batch shredding feature that allows users to optimize their website’s images with just one click. It will automatically shred the images on your website when you upload them. It optimizes images without compromising on image quality.

Super Image Shredder

When you compare the performance of this premium version with the free version, then you will get more than 2 times the compression. Super Smash allows users to optimize images with advanced compression algorithms, resulting in more than 2x savings without compromising on image quality.

Back up original images

This doesn’t mean that users won’t get the original images once they have optimized their site, as this plugin comes with the ability to back up the original images so that they can be restored later if they need the original quality images again. This feature is optional.

Automatically convert PNG image files to JPEG

WP Smush Pro comes with an automatic converter that automatically converts PNG files to JPEGs to reduce the file size that can weigh down your website. While doing so, it also maintains the quality of the images.

Individual optimization of images

When it comes to image optimization, then there are a number of Smush Pro users who have disabled the automatic image optimization feature of their websites, then such users can also optimize the images of their websites individually through the WordPress media library.

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