5.1.4 WP Media Folder – Media Library with Folders

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WordPress Media Library and Folders Made Easy
Publish single or numerous files directly into the folder you want, generating folders and sub-folders instantly. Select files, drag ‘n drop and sort your media in folders with covers or tinted images. Stop wasting time looking for your images and never upload the very same ones!

Get the original and market-leading WordPress Media Folders plugin.

WP Media Folders is a WordPress plugin that has 2 main functions.

Enter an actual media LINK structure, as well as the plugin will do the rest for you: create folders, subfolders, rename as well as move media in the appropriate area. A new field is added to the media version home window, enabling you to upgrade the complete course and also the names of all media. The old media URLs will certainly also change the database table instantly to avoid any kind of corrupted links.

Import as well as integrate media frames (folders and also subfolders) with the JoomUnited plugin, WP Media Folder.
WP Media Folder allows to manage media using virtual folders (custom taxonomies) in the WordPress media library. This plugin will develop the actual web server folders on top of that.

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