3.5.2 WP Job Manager Extended Location Addon

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WP Job Manager Extended Location Addon
Ensure that your users’ business listings are found.
Allow your users to obviously choose the precise place where their business is definitely placed on a map according to the rules of how their chart looks. This not only ensures that their listings are located about your website, but additionally by Google.

Only the listings that apply to the location according to the user are exhibited.
Perhaps the almost powerful feature in this development is the potential use of geolocation technology, in addition to the low life after appearing as an expert. Simply activate the extension and we’ll use IP-based lookup, based on automatically suggesting the consumer’s location and refining the record results based on their relevant location.

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Includes one-on-one technical assistance from our professional team.

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Made for the modern version of WordPress, but also excellent for improving practices.

Fast and Site Location Friendly

Don’t worry about slowing down under your website and lowering your search engine marketing rankings.

Simple Setup

Simple to set up and easy to use. Spend less time placing in, and more years earning.

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