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What is WP Job Manager?
WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin for adding job board functionality to your WordPress site. As a shortcode based plugin, it works in any theme (with a little CSS styling) and is very simple to set up.

Shortcode allows you to easily export individual jobs, job listings, job submission forms, and even an employer dashboard in a variety of formats that logged in users can use to view, edit, and delete their job listings.

Familiar management interface
The management interface has an organized list of useful information about the job and the company, with the ability to edit, mark filled and delete. It also offers a search and filter function.

Anyone familiar with WordPress will find this feature very easy to identify and use.

Filterable job listings
The job shortcode outputs your job in the form of a list, followed by a search and filter form. This form is ajax driven, so the results are displayed immediately. It can be filtered by category, job type, keyword and location.

The search also displays an RSS link that allows job seekers to subscribe to a feed containing new jobs that match their search.

Front desk job submission
Allows employers to list jobs on your website from the front. Employers can enter job details on the form, including job description and location, as well as add details about their company.

Each job listing can be assigned an email address or a website that job seekers can use to apply for the position.

Employers can preview their job listings before they go live. The preview is consistent with the appearance of the live job listings. After previewing, employers can submit the listing (for approval) or edit it further.

Single job listings
Individual job listings display job descriptions, metadata and company information in a concise format. Locations can be linked to Google Maps, and the company box displays company banners, Twitter and website links.

The bottom of the listing shows an apply button, which can be pressed to display an application email address or website URL.

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