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WP Fluent Forms is the fastest and most intuitive WordPress form creation plugin.60+ pre-built templates and a compelling user interface will make your form creation fun and playful. Build. Edit. Delete. Simple and easy. From highly customizable drag-and-drop fields to HubSpot integration, from multi-step forms to unique built-in visual data representations – WP Fluent Forms has it all.

Incredible Features
WP Fluent Forms has all the tempting features to create and customize forms for any purpose. Whether it’s a simple contact form or a checkout form, you can build it effectively without any hassle. The new WP Fluent Forms has a brilliant set of features that will amaze people from all walks of life.

Prepared input fields
All input fields are well thought out, they are designed to serve a specific purpose. Each one has its own characteristics.

Drag-and-drop form generators
To build a form, all you have to do is drag and drop the fields you need and then drop them down to see the magic. Form building has never been easier.

Pre-built form templates
You know what’s fun? Choose a template to create a form in a short amount of time. Dozens of templates, all of which are sorted.

Calculate the fields
If you keep the option to add numbers, you need to get them counted, and yes, our form builder plugin can help you with that.

Visual Data Reporting
Based on the submitted entries, WP Fluent Forms will create charts to better understand the data for further action.

Step Forms
Long forms are now cut into a multi-step format. Studies have shown that these forms have increased conversion rates and users feel comfortable with them.

Multi-column form layout
Want to change the typical one-column layout? Use WP Fluent Forms and introduce a two- or three-column layout.

Conditional Logic
This single feature is an invaluable option to help you achieve the control you need over your forms.

File and image upload
If you authorize your users to upload their files and images, then they can do so. Not to mention that sometimes this is a handy feature.

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Per third-party integration
What you need in one place!
When you want to add more functionality to your arsenal with a companion application, WP Fluent Forms will emerge as a formidable competitor. From customer relationship management to email marketing software, from project management to conversion tools – WP Fluent Forms has a powerful list of additional integrations.

Note: The Product is Activated.

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