5.399 WP Flat Visual Chat – Live Chat & Remote View for WordPress

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Take your customer support a step further with a unique remote desktop viewer built into your live chat.

WP Visual Chat Remote Desktop Viewer

Select the elements or items you want to share and have a visual two-way chat with your customers. Your support rate will skyrocket!

With comprehensive chat settings built into the front-end, you can easily modify your text to fit your brand’s style and tone of voice without coding.

WP Visual Chat changes text remotely directly from the backend.

Working in a team environment and need help solving a query? No problem, you can simply transfer the chat to the right operator in the live window.

WP Visual Chat makes it easy to transfer chats between operators.

A client may be looking for something but need a little help, with WP Flat Visual Chat, it couldn’t be easier …… Open a two-way conversation and bring the item they’re looking for directly to the screen and display it on the screen – hahaha!

WP Visual Chat Front End Remote View

WP Flat Visual chat uses live AJAX chat and industry best practice coding, so there’s no bloat and it won’t slow down your website.
With a range of options and features to help you customize your chat to meet your design needs, the possibilities are endless.

Use pre-prepared content and short codes to make your average time to handle customer inquiries faster! It also provides a contact form on your website. It also provides a contact form at your breaks.

Colors are fully customizable, you can select notification sounds for new messages, import and export data for analytics, and view your customers’ countries and cities.

WP Flat Visual Chat will increase your customer satisfaction and save you a lot of money with one purchase price and the simplest set of live chat solutions in WordPress.

What are you waiting for?

characteristic (feature)
Real-time AJAX chat
Aesthetic and responsive design
View the page the customer is on.
Operators can view online users and initiate chats.
Operators can visualize any element of the website to customers (via different pages).
File transfer options
Operators can use shortcuts with preset sentences.
The new “Chat Operator” user role
You can assign operator capabilities to any other role.
Chat Log Management
Operators can move the discussion to another online operator
If there is no operator online, a contact form will appear.
Liberally manage the fields of the contact form
Free management of login panel fields
Colors can be customized
vast array of options
Import/Export Data Tools
Customer IP Detection
View customer’s country and city
Text can be edited from the background
Sound notification of new messages
Multilingual .po readiness (including French translation).
WPML ready.
automatic update
Reactive support!

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
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