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Please note that you will need to install the following plugins in order to fully automate the contract collection process using WP Forms and WP eSignatures.
1. WP Forms
2. WP esignature (Ultimate, Business or Pro license)
3. stand-alone document (with above license).

*Needs Ultimate, Commercial or Professional licenses, which can be purchased at www.approveme.com.

What do you do if you find that the contract you are using to run your online business is not legally binding?

WP FORMS Digital Signature Add-on for WP Forms (WP FORMS DIGITAL SIGNATURE ADD-ON)
Imagine a courtroom where an estranged client claims they never agreed to your contract. You pull up the contract, and after a brief review, the judge declares the signatures used in the contract to be legally invalid. He then asks you if there is any other evidence to support your case.

Hopefully, it will never come to that, but if it does, what will you do?

Well, there’s not much you can do about it.

The electronic document industry has very strict rules and regulations regarding legal contracts, invoices, employee agreements, and any other legally binding documents that you may use in your business.

WP Forms is an amazing plugin for WordPress forms! It’s quite possibly one of the best ways to automate any task using a WordPress website (and of course their famous contact form plugin). However, signing legally binding contracts is not the main concern of WPForms (yet it is the only concern of ApproveMe’s WP esignature). We’ve invested years in building a system that adheres to the strictest UETA and ESIGN domestic and foreign document signing regulations.

This signature pad plugin fills the gap between WordPress form plugins and e-signature solutions that comply with UETA/ESIGN guidelines.

Digital security is critical to your business. You need to protect yourself from anything that could bring your forms into question.

The ApproveMe WordPress eSignature plugin turns your WordPress site into a court-approved document signing application.

If you’re a WP Forms user, you know how powerful their plugins are and how they can help you automate some of the tasks on your website. However, signing legally binding contracts isn’t their main concern. That’s where we come in.

WP Forms Digital Signature Add-On ensures that every contact form, contract or invoice submitted using the WP Forms plugin is 100% UETA/ESIGN compliant.

No more guessing about the legitimacy of your contract or the need to use a third party signing service.

We’ve invested years in building a system that complies with the strictest domestic and foreign document signing regulations while allowing you to control your user experience.

You get 100% legally compliant signed documents to protect you and your customers without having to worry about users being distracted or insecure on third party sites.

Click here to try the WP Form Signature Demo

How is this esignature & WordPress contract plugin different from the typical WPForms WordPress signature pad plugin?
Most signature pad plugins simply record the signature details and submit the data to a web server where it is converted to a PNG or JPEG file. This graphic file is then saved on your FTP server.

This image file of a legitimate, handwritten signature from a customer – the same signature used when buying a house, registering a credit card and getting a business loan – is easily accessible to any FTP intruder.

Therein lies the problem.

Most of these plug-ins are not legally binding (much less UETA/ESIGN compliant) because they fail to address the myriad of laws and regulations that guide the document signing industry.

If the legality of your contract is in question, you’re not immune to anything. If fraud or identity theft is an issue, you will have a tough time proving your case with signatures that are not recognized by the courts. Why take the risk?

ApproveMe’s new Signature Add-On, found at ApproveMe.com, is the connecting point between the WordPress Forms plugin and the UETA/ESIGN compliant WordPress Contracts plugin that runs on your WordPress website.

Check out the video clip above to learn how you can save time and money by using our WP Forms Digital Signature Add-On to fully automate legal contracts for your website design, digital photography, freelance or consulting business.

=more about how this UETA/ESIGN compatible WORDPRESS FORM SIGNATURE Add-On works =.

**ApproveMe’s Signature Add-On for WP Forms generates a UETA/ESIGN compliant, court-approved contract and inserts (optional) details/field values anywhere in the contract. These dynamic field values are derived from the forms submitted by your end users.

Your form submitters can draw or enter their legal signatures using a mouse, touchpad, tablet or smartphone. All this magic happens the moment an end user submits a WP form, sending a signer-specific invitation via email.

Note: Product is Activated. First install WP E-Signature plugin and create your signature and save them in settings. It will allow you to input the license key. Use “B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930” to activate the product. Thereafter install the business add-ons.

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