4.6.7 WP Courseware WordPress LMS Plugin

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The WordPress courseware plugin allows you to turn WordPress into a Learning Management System (LMS). Create courses, course units and quizzes. Use the slick drag-and-drop interface to quickly order your course content.

WP Courseware Plugin – Front End Courses

Course prerequisites and certificates
Includes support for course prerequisites. Provide a downloadable pdf certificate of course completion.
Student Management and Notification
New student registration? Manually or automatically approve new registrations! Stay in touch with students using customizable email notifications. Notifications can be used for course operations, quizzes, and final grade postings.
Restrict course access
In addition to selling courses, you can also restrict access to your courses to specific users. Make course content available to students who are “enrolled”, “registered”, or “logged in”.
Progress Reports
Gradebooks provide your teachers with a detailed look at quiz statistics and student progress.

Sales Courses
The WordPress Courseware plugin supports two major eCommerce solutions; WooCommerce and Paid Memberships Pro.

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