1.6.2 WP Adverts WooCommerce Integration

This extension integrates your WPAdverts with WooCommerce so that WooCommerce can accept payments for ad postings.

If you’re already familiar with WooCommerce, you’re ready to go, just enable this integration, create ad listing products and start accepting payments. Easy.

The hard part is seamlessly combining these 2 powerful plugins, but with our years of WordPress experience, we’ve done it all for you – and yes, we always keep WPAdverts up to date with Woo updates!

But wait, what is Woo?
WooCommerce is one of the biggest dogs in eCommerce, and the big dog of WordPress eCommerce.

It’s a very popular way to create your own store on your WordPress site, and just like WPAdverts, it can be installed for free and then extended for a fee, so you can do almost anything related to your store. And now with WPAdverts, you can use it for classifieds too!

With the WooCommerce integration, you can
Create different pricing plans by simply creating new WooCommerce products.
Create packages Allow users to pay once and publish several ads.
Automatically redirect users to the WooCommerce shopping cart after they complete ad creation.
All ads are marked with the appropriate icons so you can easily tell which ads have not been paid for and which have been abandoned.
Once an order is paid and marked as completed in WooCommerce, the ad will automatically become active.
Allow users to pay for and publish Featured Ads.
Allows users to manage their ads directly from the WooCommerce user panel.

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