1.0.2 WP Adverts Restricted Categories

This extension allows you to restrict users from posting in certain categories.

This is why you want to use restricted categories
The main reason is to lock your main or “top” categories, so your visitors can only post in sub-categories of those top categories.

As a simple example, you may want to prevent users from posting under “Motorcycles” and force them to choose a sub-category such as Cruisers, Sportbikes, Touring, Dual Sports, Scooters, etc. If they choose “Cruisers”, they will be able to post in the top category.

If they choose “cruiser”, you may also want to restrict posting in the cruiser category and possibly force them to choose a brand such as Honda or Harley-Davidson. This helps human visitors and search engine crawlers find things easily!

Note: While your shiny new site is still growing, you may want to first allow users to post in the Premium category and then use this extension to limit them to subcategories as your business grows.

With the Category Icons extension, you can
Keep your categories clean and tidy!
Prevent intentional spamming or accidental posting in the main category
Allow only you or admin-level employees to post in certain categories.

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