1.0.2 WordPress Virtual Tour 360 Panorama Plugin

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Everything you need to create beautiful 360° panoramas and virtual tours.
WordPress Virtual Tour Plugin is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create beautiful 360° panoramas and virtual tours. No programming knowledge is required.

Why Choose Us.
Your choice of us will make the difference. We offer an amazing feature that you cannot find in other panoramic plugins.

WooCommerce Integration
Use Panorama to showcase your products and get a more interactive experience. You can earn more and increase your revenue by monetizing your panoramas. You can easily embed your WooCommerce products into hotspots.

Panorama Mini Map
Easily navigate your map with mini-maps. Use the panorama map to help users orient themselves in the panorama.

Elementor & WPBakery.
Use 360° panorama and virtual tours anywhere. elementor, WPBakery page builder, shortcodes and widgets.

Feature-rich 360° panorama and virtual tours
User-friendly backend editor
We provide the easiest way to use the backend editor. Forget about guessing what you get on the front end, because you can edit your panorama visually. We are very confident that you will love our Backend Editor.

Auto Rotate Panorama
When loaded, the panorama can be automatically rotated, which will give your users a great experience while browsing your website. It will give your users a great experience while browsing your website.

Full screen panorama
We provide a control to keep your users in full screen mode. If you don’t want your users to have this feature, you can use this control as well.

3 Toolbar Options
We offer 3 options for your panorama, the top toolbar, the bottom toolbar and the default toolbar. Top Toolbar, Bottom Toolbar and Default Toolbar. Please choose the most suitable option according to your needs.

Zoom panorama control
Provide high-resolution images for your panorama. Using the zoom feature, the viewer can see the details of all views on the panorama.

Compass Panorama
We also provide a compass function as a directional guide on the panorama. This will make it easier for your viewers to orient themselves to your panorama.

Text tooltip
You can display any information related to the hotspot. To provide information for viewers, tell them stories about the hotspots.

WooCommerce tooltips
Earn more from Panorama.com and increase your income. You can easily embed WooCommerce products into hotspots.

Gallery popups
You can also use the gallery to describe your hotspots. Use this feature to display the best images and the most relevant galleries.

Video Popups
Need more visualization? Of course, we have a video pop-up feature. Show your YouTube, Vimeo or Hosted videos on the hotspot.

Custom links
You can direct viewers to a page or an external link. You can do this by putting a custom link on a hotspot.

Block Post Tool Tip
A richer content that shows a block post, article and story or a news item to a hotspot. Use the Block Post tooltip in this case.

5 Tooltip Locations
There are 5 tooltip locations, you can display tooltips at the top, bottom, left, and right of the hotspot, or you can use automatic positioning.

6 Tooltip color scheme
Leave the boring black and white squares tooltips. We’ve provided 6 predefined and beautiful tool tip color schemes that are ready to use.

Hotspot shapes
Don’t worry, if icons and badges aren’t enough to serve as hotspot shapes, you can upload your own custom image to serve as a hotspot shape.

Travel and hotspot list
We also have a tour and hotspot list panel feature. It will list all the tours and hotspots on the current panorama.

Ready for translation
This plugin is ready for translation. We have provided translation files.’ .po’ and ‘.mo’ to make it easy for you to use the translation tool.

Works with any WordPress theme
You can use this plugin on any WordPress theme and work with Elementor and WPBakery page builder plugins.

Responsive and Retina Ready
Our plug-ins are responsive and ready for Retina displays or HiDPI (high dot matrix).

Support & Documentation
We provide support for every buyer of this plugin. You can also access the plugin documentation on our support forum.

Version 1.0.2 ==
– [IMPROVEMENT] String translation update for backend option
– [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WordPress 5.4
– [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with PHP 7.4
– [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder 6.1
– [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with Elementor 2.9.7
– [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.1

– Version 1.0.1 ==
– [IMPROVEMENT] String translation update
– [IMPROVEMENT] Thumbnail dimension update for post and product

Version 1.0.0 ==

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