3.1.6 WordPress Multilingual String Translation Addon

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WPML String Translation allows you to translate text that is not in the post, page, and category system. This includes website banners, general text in admin screens, widget titles and many other texts.

Included in this guide
Activate string translation
Select a translatable string
How to translate a string
How to delete a string
How to translate themes and plugins coded in a language other than English.
Create language profiles
Activate string translation
WPML’s string translation module is part of the Multilingual CMS account type. To enable it, you will first need to download and install it from your WPML.org account, in the Downloads section.

Then, navigate to WPML → String Translation.

Select the types of strings that can be translated
A complex website may contain many strings to be translated. Use the display filters at the top of the string translation page to determine which strings to display.

Many strings are already loaded into the string translation table, ready for you to translate. However, WPML does not automatically load every single string. If you can’t find the specific string you want to translate, see our article on finding strings.

How to translate a string
Once you have found the string you wish to translate, click on the + icon under the language flag you wish to translate it into.

To translate a string
Translate a string
You can save your translations by hitting the Enter or Tab key on your keyboard or by just clicking out of the window. tab allows you to switch between languages without clicking.

If you are using the WPML Translation Manager module, you can also send strings to your translators.

Click the checkbox next to the string, select the language from the list, and add the job to the translation basket.

To add a string to the translation basket
Adding strings to the translation basket
Assign the translation job to yourself or a local translator to translate the string using the Advanced Translation Editor. You can also send the job to a translation service for translation.

You can also use string translation to translate elements such as widgets and favorites.

How to delete strings
When you no longer use a theme or plugin, you may want to delete the strings associated with it. Simply select the string you want to delete and click Delete Selected String.

To delete a string
Delete a string
How to translate themes and plugins encoded in a language other than English.
If you are using a theme or plugin that is encoded in a language other than English, WPML may misclassify the source language of the string. Please see our documentation on how to change the source language for individual strings and entire domains on the string translation page.

For developers: creating language profiles
Theme and plugin authors are encouraged to include a language profile in their code that tells WPML which strings to register for translation from the wp_options table. This can save a lot of time for end users configuring multilingual websites.

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