1.2.8 WordPress Accessibility Plugin – Readabler

Readabler is a WordPress accessibility plugin that extends the boundaries of information accessibility for people with special portability. Providing content for people with special needs or information perception difficulties is the most important part of every site operation.

One of the main features of the plugin is to improve the readability of text content. To address this, the plugin sets up tests for scaling entire pages or only certain types, such as headings or plain text. For readability, it is also important to increase line spacing and letter spacing, and to change all text alignment settings.

For people who find it difficult to read text written in calligraphy or without a font, the plugin provides a mode to change the font on the entire site to readable or to change the font for people with dyslexia.

Of course, an important part of any site is interaction with the page, and for this reason the plugin provides modes for highlighting text and headings as well as a magnifying glass for enlarging text when you hover the mouse cursor over it.

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