2.2.2 WooCommerce Zapier

Send your WooCommerce order, product, customer, coupon, reservation, or subscription data to more than 3,000 Zapier-enabled apps.
Or use Zapier to automatically create or update WooCommerce order, product, customer, coupon, or subscription data from Zap.

Speed up your processes by letting Zapier do the work for you right away.

WooCommerce Zapier: two-way sync with WooCommerce and thousands of cloud apps
Instead of making the same changes every time you receive a new order, set up automation once and let it run forever when a new customer makes a purchase or an order status changes.

Never forget a step. Have a single event in WooCommerce trigger multiple changes in multiple apps so you don’t miss anything.

Take the necessary steps at critical times. Reduce cart abandonment by acting quickly on cancelled orders, following up with customers immediately after they’ve made a purchase, and more.

Effectively notify the right members of your team – and only the right members.

Automate with Triggers and Actions
Set up triggers to automatically execute actions when changes occur in WooCommerce.

Example 1: Automatically add a customer to CRM (MailChimp) when you receive a new order (trigger) (action).
Example 2: Automatically create a unique coupon when you get a new customer (trigger) (action), then email the coupon to the customer (Gmail) (action).

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