1.5.3 WooCommerce Smart Refunder

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Immediate and painless refunds
WooCommerce Smart Refunder takes the pain out of the refund process for customers and store owners alike.

With WooCommerce Smart Refunder.

Customers can request a refund from My Account – simple, fast and complete.
If the store owner opts in and the payment gateway supports it, customers can get an instant refund.
Store owners can view the refund request in WooCommerce and process it manually if an instant refund is not available.
Store owners can issue cash refunds or store credits (separate plugin Smart Coupons is required).
Customers can request a full or partial refund.
Order and pricing details are available
Fast, simple, automated processes
A refund means you’ve lost a customer. Delays and complications can lose them forever!
Digital/Downloadable Products
If you are selling virtual products, digital goods or subscriptions – the refund process can be fully automated with WooCommerce Smart Refunder. Customers can request a refund and get it immediately.

Cash refunds or coupons

If you have selected a coupon that offers a refund and the customer wants it, a new coupon will be emailed immediately.

Physical Products
If you sell physical products or a gateway that doesn’t support refunds, Smart Refunder allows customers to request a refund from My Account and show you the refund request in WooCommerce. You then process them manually and complete the refund request. This saves you time because all the required details are at your fingertips.

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