2.2.5 WooCommerce Search Engine

“WooCommerce Search Engine” is a very powerful and easy-to-use WooCommerce search plugin that turns your WooCommerce store’s simple search box into a powerful and versatile magic box that helps you sell more products.

Smart autocorrect search: If your customer enters the wrong product name (fe “smartfon” instead of “smartphone”), our smart algorithm will recognize it and display relevant results.

Search by tag, SKU, taxonomy, category and attributes: This plugin allows you to build search boxes to find products by product title, description, any custom field, product tag, product category, product attributes, etc. This is very useful. The plugin also provides WooCommerce search by SKU.

Search by synonyms: Place multiple custom synonym pairs and the plugin will take them into account.
Smart price expressions to automatically identify prices in searches ($100 smartphones, smartphones around $100, smartphones under $500, etc.)

Search Results Page – Provides the same smart search results for your theme’s search results page (the page that appears after pressing Enter) – no need to change the theme’s UI

Search Analytics: Track what visitors are trying to search for. Discover what your visitors want and what new products you don’t have yet.

Product Information

  • 100% Original Files.
  • Unlimited domain use.
  • Free New Version.
  • Share Your Valuable Opinions