1.5.4 WooCommerce Request a Quote

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The WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin enables your customers to add products to the quote basket and ask for price estimates for the products they are interested in.

Display quote buttons on selected products, allowing customers to add products to the quote basket just as they would to a shopping cart and submit a quote by filling out a simple quote form. Create multiple rules to display quote buttons for selected user roles, products, and categories.

You can also hide prices and replace the “Add to Cart” button with the quote button. This feature comes in handy when you want to hide prices from wholesale, retailer, and other B2B customers and force them to request a quote. Merchants can also offer competitive prices based on the customer’s request and order size.

The WooCommerce Request a Quote extension provides a smooth way to handle certain types of customers, orders, and products. Here are some examples where this plugin can help.

B2B Sales.

B2B prices depend on many factors such as order quantity, product requirements and delivery date.WooCommerce Request a Quote allows you to hide prices and add to cart buttons from your B2B customer base and force them to ask for a quote.

Personalize products.

Merchants can force customers to request a quote for products that don’t have a direct price and need to be quoted on request.

WooCommerce Request for Quote feature list.
Create a complete quote management system
Displays “Add to Quote” on the selected product.
Display the Quote button for guests and selected user roles
Option to replace “Add to Cart” with a new “Quote” or custom button and link.
Option to hide the price and replace it with custom text
Add multiple products to the quotation basket
Place products in a mini quote basket, just like a mini shopping cart.
Customizable quote button text
Customize the quote form fields and make them mandatory or optional.
Automated email notifications for administrators and customers
Custom quote submission information
Redirected after submission of quotation form
Attaching quotes to multiple menus
Compatible with page builder plugins (see documentation for details).
Complete quotation system
This WooCommerce quote plugin provides a complete quote system where your customers can add multiple products to the quote basket and submit a quote form.

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