3.2.5 WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

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Provide product recommendations to customers
The WooCommerce recommendation engine will allow you to configure Netflix and Amazon style product suggestions for your customers. The plugin will automatically recommend products to users based on browsing history, purchase history, and products that they frequently buy together. It is a great way to provide automated cross-selling and up-selling and will help users browse and buy more products from your store.

Types of Recommendations
Related Products by View
This module displays products that have also been viewed by customers. Each time someone browses a product, it is recorded in the recommendation engine database. This data is then processed by the module to show products that are frequently viewed together. This provides a great way to automatically correlate products and helps drive users to view products they may not have found.

Related Products by Purchase History
This module displays products that are frequently purchased by the same user. These products do not need to be purchased at the same time. It is ideal for displaying products that have been purchased by the same user over a period of time. This is a great way to get users to buy more products at the same time by showing them what other users have later returned to the site to buy.

Products Purchased Together
This module displays products that are often purchased at the same time and on the same order. This type of view is a great way to build and display a database of products that are often needed to fulfill orders together. Often, accessories or other types of add-ons are purchased by users at the same time, and this engine shows these bundles to the end user. This is a great way to get customers to purchase products they may not have considered or thought they would need.

WooCommerce Recommended Products
This widget allows you to display suggestions for “Related Products via View” and “Related Products via Purchase History”.

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