3.3.0 WooCommerce Product Search

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Best Search Experience with WooCommerce
The perfect search engine for your store helps your customers find and buy the right products quickly.

Your customers will love your store for this because it makes it easier than ever for them to find the products they want to buy.

Real-time search
The live search bar allows customers to find products as they type, as well as images, price information, and the ability to add products directly to the cart.

Enter, click and buy …… It’s that simple.

Real-time filters
When your customers narrow their search results by keyword, price range, use of categories, tags, or any product attribute, our real-time filters will display the most up-to-date results on the store page.

Experience easy shopping
With blur-free automatic settings that integrate smoothly with popular themes, Storefront and children’s themes, your customers will have a truly enjoyable shopping experience. Let them enjoy the ease of finding the right product in your store.

Search statistics
Get valuable insights on what your visitors are searching for in your store. View real-time and historical product search activity and connect it to your marketing efforts.

Business Insights
Discover what your customers are searching for, what they can find and what they can’t. Our reports will help you reveal what your visitors are searching for, and optimize your store’s offerings to meet current and trending needs.

Automated integration
The search engine is responsible for delivering the best search results on both the front and back end. Our advanced search algorithms integrate seamlessly with your store and admin dashboard.

Search Index
The search indexer will automatically index all the products in your store and keep everything up to date for you. Even if you add, modify or delete products and related aspects, you don’t need to do anything, your store will be fully indexed and products will be ready to be found.

Visually intuitive filters
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words …… Create a visually appealing search experience for your customers! Add thumbnails to use with real-time product filters for product categories, tags and attributes. Search by color, size, brand …… Display actual colors, intuitive icons and logos to filter by.

Related search results
Present your customers with more relevant results based on keyword matching search weights. By bringing search weights to WooCommerce with powerful controls, your store’s product search results will be significantly more relevant.

Powerful backend functionality
The extension integrates smoothly with your WooCommerce store and WordPress dashboard.

From the important business insights provided by its search reports, to the optimized back-end product search results provided by the extension’s search engine – this important tool provides everything you need to control.

Your little helper
The built-in assistant helps you add live product filter widgets to your sidebar in an instant. It shows you which filters already exist, and suggests adding those that don’t. Simply click and customize them later, if needed.

Your customers will love the real-time product search field, which displays results as you type and lets you add items directly to your cart. It automatically replaces the standard product search field if desired, and it’s also available as a widget in the sidebar.

Flexible real-time filters update your store page as customers enter, indicate a price, or select from a product category, label, or any product attribute.

All live search facilities are available as shortcodes for WordPress. In addition to this, we have included the ability to present search results on any page. This even allows you to create a dedicated store page!

The extension has been tested and integrates with many popular themes, requiring little or no CSS tweaking in most cases. To make it even easier for you, we’ve included a section where you can add your own CSS rules. You are also always welcome to ask us for help.

As with widgets and shortcodes, we provide a very easy to use API that gives you access to all the search and filtering facilities, so you can effortlessly include them in your templates.

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