6.12.1 WooCommerce Product Bundles

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Offer personalized bundles, bulk discounted packages and assembled products.
Product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Bundle a few products together, offer them at a discount, and watch your sales soar!

But bundling is more than just a smart marketing strategy. It’s the basic technique for creating many types of assembled products and kits – such as skateboards, computers, furniture, or cupcake boxes. To successfully sell these products, you need a tool that not only equips you with the basics, but also allows you to customize every detail of the bundling process to the type of product you’re selling.

Product Bundles is the most flexible and powerful product bundling plugin for WooCommerce, powering thousands of successful stores. Its grouping, pricing, shipping, and inventory management features have been designed and refined over the years to excel in a wide range of use cases. There’s nothing a product bundle can’t handle.

Create bulk discount packages
Adding a bundle to your catalog is probably the most straightforward way to offer several related products together. To make the offer more attractive, you can discount the entire package or individual items.

Want to give higher discounts to customers who buy more products? With product bundles, you can create dynamic volume discount rules in seconds!

Offer personalized boxes
Have you ever tried using grouped product types to build personalized, pick and mix boxes? The Product Bundle Type is the feature-rich option you’ve been looking for. With the product bundle types, you can

Control the minimum or maximum number of items the customer must add to the box.
Choose from a variety of layout options.
You can even use Product Bundles to provide personalized subscription boxes, thanks to its deep integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions and the All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

Create Product Bundles
Build assembled products using multiple inventory managed components and control the visibility of each bundle item in individual items, shopping cart/checkout and order/email templates. Create and ship fully assembled, partially assembled or unassembled bundles.

Assembling bundles faster than your bundle process can process orders? To help you focus only on what’s important, Product Bundles lets you manage the inventory of bundled products independently of your content.

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