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Provide a unique shopping experience for your customers
From adding personal engraving to upgrading to quality fabrics, custom products can keep your customers coming back for more. With product add-ons, you can provide your customers with special options in an instant.

Product add-ons allow your customers to personalize products while shopping in your online store. No more follow-up email requests – customers get what they want before they complete the checkout process.

Add options via text boxes, drop-down menus, text fields, checkboxes, custom price inputs, and even sample images. Add-ons can be added globally, or by product in the Edit Product page.

Give your customers the options they want!
Product Add-ons is one of the most popular extensions for WooCommerce. It offers you and your customers more options, including (but definitely not limited to).

Image based options

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why describe them when you can showcase your customer’s personalized choices? With image-based options, customers can see what they’re getting before they buy.

Flat Fee

A flat fee is charged regardless of how many products a customer orders. Ideal for one-time setup fees or rush fees.

Charges by percentage

Charge add-ons as a percentage of the total price – this is especially useful for service-based add-ons, which are difficult to attribute to a flat fee.

Text Input

Allow your customers to enter custom text to create a custom t-shirt, add a letter or personalize a card.


Customers can choose from several pre-defined options and are provided with a drop-down field for your additional features.


Product add-on gif twrapping option

Make customization as easy and satisfying as checking a checkbox. Perfect for additional services such as gift wrapping or express shipping.

Custom Pricing

Let your customers name their prices, perfect for tipping, donating and thanking!

Add-ons can be named, described, reordered and (optionally) given prices.

The extension also applies to.

WooCommerce Subscriptions – add add-on options for subscription products.
WooCommerce Reservations – offer upgrades such as oil treatments for massages, priority seating for their tours or rush rates for their rentals.
Once set up, the add-ons will appear on the product page, just above the Add to Cart button.

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