3.1.1 WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

Use personalized input options from customers to customize your product list to get some information. It supports area, message location, check box, radio button, select box, custom price input and data upload box. Item accessories can be used for specific products or all items worldwide.
WooCommerce product add-ons
Grow with WooCommerce
Create other product personalization options
Allow customers to imitate customized products, including current options such as input boxes, drop-down menus or check boxes. With the expansion of product add-ons, messages, documents, laser inscriptions can be displayed, but other alternative products currently require customers to enter!
The auxiliary tool of the product accessory needs area, text Web content area, check box, radio button, select box, customized cost input, and then apply for the consideration upload box.
After this, add-ons are indeed added globally through the items in the “Implement Products” page, these components can be called, described, reordered or additional prices, these prices are immediately included according to the manufacturer’s advantages , It is recommended to choose with the help of customers. This extension also comes with WooCommerce subscription plugin events to mimic selection pricing due to continued membership.

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