2.8.0 WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation

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Save time and money with address verification
If your store has tried to ship to an invalid address, you know you’ve spent time and money resending orders to customers. Never worry about this hassle again Easily add address verification, autocomplete, or zip code lookup to your WooCommerce checkout.

SkyVerge’s zip code/address verification will streamline your checkout process and improve order address quality by allowing your customers to verify or look up their address at checkout. Improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction with address verification

Zip code/address verification works by connecting your store to a service that provides address or zip code lookups. You can use Loqate, SmartyStreets, Postcode.nl, PostcodeSoftware.net or Fetchify.

Address autocomplete
Address autocomplete can be done using Loqate, which is available for merchants in any country. With a paid Loqate account, your customers can auto-complete addresses in any country, and addresses can be classified as “residential” or “commercial”.

Merchants in any country can sign up for a Loqate account to get started.

See Loqate + WooCommerce in action.

Address Verification
US address verification using SmartyStreets allows customers to look up or verify addresses as needed, or receive suggested adjustments. With 250 free inquiries per month and the ability to purchase additional inquiries, SmartyStreets can also categorize addresses (residential or commercial) or geocode them.

SmartyStreets is only available for U.S. merchants/U.S. address verification. While SmartyStreets can provide international address verification services, our plugin does not currently support address verification outside of the United States.

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