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WooCommerce Photo Reviews is the ultimate review plugin for WooCommerce that helps you send review reminder emails that allow customers to post reviews including product images and send thank you emails with WooCommerce coupons to customers.

Send review reminder emails asking customers to review the products they purchased.
Allow customers to post reviews that include product images.
Send a thank you email with a coupon code when a customer review is posted.

Image reviews
The plugin WooCommerce Photo Reviews allows your customers to post pictures, as well as reviews of their products. This feature will help you create a social proof of your products and increase conversion rates.

Photo Reviews. This plugin allows customers to attach an image to a review and display the image on the front-end along with the review.
Maximum Image Size. Set the maximum image size that customers can attach to a comment.
Maximum Number of Images: Sets the maximum number of images that the customer can attach to the comment. Set the maximum number of images that the customer can attach to the comment.
Pictures Required. The comment must contain images to upload.
Display by Time. Choose to display the latest or oldest comments on the front end first.
Comment filtering. Filter comments by rating, including images.
GDPR-compliant. The plugin displays a message and a checkbox at the comment form, allowing customers to agree to share the comment on your page.
Ajax pagination. Allows customers to move to the next comment without reloading the page.
Verification Badge. Displays verified purchase badges on the reviews of customers who have purchased a product.
Hide review author name: Review author name can be displayed as N*.
Image Caption: The Image Caption option allows the review author to add a caption to each review image.
Edit Review: The site administrator can edit the review text, rearrange or change the review image.
Help Button: the Help Button option allows the user to mark a comment as “Helpful” or “Not Helpful”. The results will be displayed on the front end under each comment.
Manually add reviews.WooCommerce Photo Reviews provides a review form that allows webmasters to manually add reviews.

Review Alerts
From the scheduled time after the order is marked as completed. The plugin sends a review reminder email to the customer, asking them to review the product. To encourage the customer to take a picture of the product and leave a review, the plugin offers a discount coupon to the customer.

Review Reminder Emails. Emails are sent to customers who have purchased the product, offering a coupon and encouraging them to post a review.
Automatic Login. When a customer clicks on a link in a review reminder email, they will automatically be logged into their account on your website.
Product Restrictions. Choose which products are available for review alerts.
Schedule Reminder Emails. Choose when the plugin will send reminder emails to customers.
Review Now Button. Include a Comment Now button that links to individual product pages.
Configure review reminder emails. Use the short code {customer_name} to configure the sending of review reminder emails to customers.
Does not include products/categories. Select which products/categories will receive review reminder emails.
The plugin will only send review reminders if the customer has never reviewed a product before.

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