3.2.3 WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees

Product DescriptionOverview

Incremental charges to orders based on payment method
Payment gateway-based fee extensions allow you to add fees to an order based on the payment gateway you have selected.

Fees can be automatically assessed based on the price of certain items in the cart or the total amount in the cart, or the order can be changed at any time by the store administrator. Fees can also be applied manually, for example, if a customer wants to switch payment methods after checkout is complete.

General Options Overview.
Enable/disable additional fees for the entire site without deleting data
Enable additional costs for individual gateways or products.
Automatically calculate the cost per gateway or per product.
Change the auto-calculation of costs on order pages
After the user completes checkout, you have the option to manually add charges to the order.
Option to manually add charges to the orders you create from the admin page.
Define the maximum amount of charges that can be added to the cart.
Define the maximum amount that can be charged for a product.
Tax calculation of additional fees is also supported.
Three calculation methods.
“Fixed Amount”. Add a fixed amount
“Add a % to the total”. Add a percentage based on the price of the product or the total amount of the order.
“Include % of total amount”. Fees are based on commission rate (you will be paid for the total amount of the order).
WPML compatible – fee titles/headings can be translated (WPML version 4.2.8 or later required).
The payment gateway based fee extension is currently incompatible with the Jetpack plugin’s Auto Tax service. Please select “Disable auto-tax” (Tax tag) in the WooCommerce settings page. We will support this feature as soon as third-party developers can hook into automatic tax billing.

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